Chasing Species in the Southern Appalachians: A 2018 NANFA Convention Report

CHASING SPECIES IN THE SOUTHERN APPALACHIANS: A 2018 NANFA CONVENTION REPORT Josh Leisen A version of this article was first published in American Currents, Publication of the North American Native Fishes Association (Volume 43, Number 4, Fall 2018). Visit for more information. Note: My article version published in American Currents covered only the first […]

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Botany Bay

Monsters in the Surf

Botany Bay Beach, South Carolina – May, 2012 When the 4am alarm buzzes I feel no temptation to hit snooze. Not on a rare shark fishing day. Joy brews coffee, sizzles bacon and packs lunch while I load fishing gear into our Toyota Corolla. We gobble up our breakfast and hit the road. It’s dark […]

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