Collectively, these galleries contain one photo each of all the different fish species I’ve caught on hook and line. The photos are currently grouped into eleven, somewhat arbitrary gallery pages. I’m working behind the scenes on an improved layout for image display. I’m excited, because it’s going to be really neat when it’s finished, but it certainly is going to be a time-consuming endeavor. For now, please sit back and enjoy the photos…

You can navigate the galleries by clicking on the links below or via the drop-down menu under the galleries tab. Hover over the thumbnails to view the common name of each fish. Click to view the full image and a caption containing the common name, scientific name and the location where I caught my first specimen of each species. Click the full image to toggle captions on/off. You can navigate through each gallery using the arrow keys or buttons.


Saltwater – Atlantic

Saltwater – Indo-Pacific








Other Freshwater

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