Chasing Species in the Southern Appalachians: A 2018 NANFA Convention Report

CHASING SPECIES IN THE SOUTHERN APPALACHIANS: A 2018 NANFA CONVENTION REPORT Josh Leisen A version of this article was first published in American Currents, Publication of the North American Native Fishes Association (Volume 43, Number 4, Fall 2018). Visit for more information. Note: My article version published in American Currents covered only the first […]

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Anglins Pier

Florida Revenge Tour

Southern Florida – January 19-28, 2017 I would love to return to many of the places I’ve visited but when selecting vacation destinations I tend to choose places I’ve never been before. This trip was an exception. I’d already fished in the Florida Keys and Everglades in 2011, which resulted in 22 new species to […]

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Botany Bay

Monsters in the Surf

Botany Bay Beach, South Carolina – May, 2012 When the 4am alarm buzzes I feel no temptation to hit snooze. Not on a rare shark fishing day. Joy brews coffee, sizzles bacon and packs lunch while I load fishing gear into our Toyota Corolla. We gobble up our breakfast and hit the road. It’s dark […]

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The Clam Hatch

Santee River, South Carolina – June, 2011 David is tinkering with his boat when I pull into the gravel parking lot at Hills Landing. But we aren’t launching here, just making a stop at the bait shop and restaurant overlooking the canal connecting lakes Marion and Moultrie. We go inside and I can’t help but […]

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